About us

Meet the DATgenius team


Hi, I’m Joel! I graduated from dental school, and I’m the one behind DATgenius. I’ve been passionate about teaching the DAT for the past five years.

I was the founder and head instructor of DAT Was Easy Prep, teaching for three years, and training other DAT instructors. I now work at DAT Bootcamp, and I created Roadmap Prep to help you with your interview. Through these experiences, I’ve helped hundreds of students crush the DAT. Now I’m really excited to bring that same experience to you.

Next, meet Dan! Dan graduated from Marquette University in 2014 with a B.S in Biomedical Engineering and is applying for the 2016 dental school cycle.

Dan was one of DATgenius’ initial beta users, which eventually resulted in Dan joining the DATgenius team. Dan has a true passion for teaching and education, and looks forward to helping DATgenius students for years to come.

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