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Here is a collection of DAT Genius reviews from the Student Doctor Network DAT message board, a large community of DAT test takers who share their experiences studying for the DAT with others.

If you ever have any questions about DAT Genius, feel free to send me a message! – Joel, DAT Genius team

“DAT Genius is awesome. I went through all of it and it definitely contributed to my score. Their questions are harder than the real DAT but their explanations are fantastic!”

Graffix, Student Doctor Network

DAT Genius 9/10: Did all 5 science tests and PAT and thought it was a great resource especially for their PAT explanations”

kimball, Student Doctor Network

AA 23: I finally finished my DAT a few days ago and it feels so good to be done! DAT Genius, Bootcamp were undoubtedly my best resources!”

DrNoCavity, Student Doctor Network

“First off, I wanted to give a shout-out to both Joel (@joelm – DAT Genius)… Joel answered every question I emailed. I used the 5 tests from both DAT Bootcamp and DAT Genius and I felt both are among the best practice tests you can access.”

minnow3, Student Doctor Network

“DAT Genius should be used as a study tool because the explanations are long but amazing. If I could do it again, I would do Genius first and Bootcamp last; Genius will push you to study more.”

fit2, Student Doctor Network

“DAT Genius is very helpful. Genius has particularly good sciences, pat, and reading comp. If you have over two weeks, and you’ve finished Bootcamp, you definitely should get it. Its less then $100 bucks and its helpful practice and additional concepts.”

centron, Student Doctor Network

“If you feel like you want to do more practice exams after doing DAT Bootcamp… buy DAT Genius — been getting many positive reviews lately by SDNers.”

tyjacobs, Student Doctor Network

“Genius has great prep for TFE.”

Charles_Darwin, Student Doctor Network

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